by InVitro

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released August 6, 2016

All music written by InVitro.
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Hammered Sound Studio.



all rights reserved


InVitro Florence, Italy

InVitro are:

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Track Name: Surfing The Crimson Wave
Nerves get tense
Mood gets low
Not really sure
What’s going on
’Til pain kicks in
Limbs of flesh sunk into dense blood
And between your legs
An unstoppable flood
Kill! Kill! Empathize with spree killing
Kill! Kill! Don’t you disagree with me
Kill! Kill! Let me drown in ice cream
Time to feel every emotion you’re capable of
A puppy left home alone
A baby crying for his mom
The fragile, burst into tears
Your life seems overwhelmed with fears
Track Name: Moult
Fuck you, sucker
Fuck you, coward
Be gone in the shit you belong
I thought you were friend
Shed skin into foe
And wronged me for selfish reasons
Of a dumb empty head
You never even talked to me
You don’t have the guts!
Oh I crave the moment
We glance at each other
You blink, I’m all over your face will have to recover
Track Name: Ecophagy
First world
The rest
Wrong approach
From all sides
Damage, exhaust
At any cost
Drain away the Earth means
To leach out of your own veins
Cut down
To produce, and consume
Annihilate your nourishment
Miseducating young people
Overhaul your behavior
You were the last to come
To produce, and consume
To produce you’ll die
Track Name: Tinder Surprise
Swipe left, swipe right
Find someone you like
Swipe left, swipe right
Send a text, she writes back
Settle a date
Think you’ll get laid?
She’s weird though, she said
Meet at the park, go back to her place
She takes off her clothes, a heartbeat race
Tied to her bed, she wants to play a game
Kiss on the forehead, she never said her name
Takes out the scalpel, scraping your skin
You’re wondering why no one can hear you scream
Your own cock, that led you there
Is now in her hand, removed from within
You didn’t expect that
You should’ve swiped left
A sadistic smile
That licks off your tears
The final surprise
In a bodybag disappear
Track Name: ESMA
Veo veo, que ves?
Una cosa, que es?
El horror, desintegrar
Almas para el poder
Guerra sucia
Represiòn violenta
Encerrado en la capucha
En la obscuridad de tus pensamientos
Sin aire preguntándote porque
Esta tortura injustificada
Madres violadas
Y de sus hijos robadas
Mentes libres forzadas a sufrir
Excarceradas por vuelos de muerte
Track Name: Harvest of Flesh
Came out of a chemical reaction
Laid egg for mass enlargement
Your failure in human reproduction
A product of science induction
Spare parts for your malfunctions
Outgrown to be one of you
Multiply cells developing strength
But I don’t rest in a womb
I think like, I feel like and I breathe like you
But I don’t get to live like you do
Spare parts for your malfunctions
Outgrown to be one of you
Replacements between walls of glass
Existence caged to fulfill tasks
Got no future and got no past
I crave life but for yours I last
In tiny parts in you to exist
Unthanked being just saved your ass
Track Name: Beefcake Empire
A sickened possession, stubborn obsession
Lack of control
Turbid vision of life
Confused feelings
Thinkin’ it’s love when it’s need to control
Can’t say no, no free will
If that way you wanna go, then blood will spill
Unable to accept a refusal, dump defeat
Dismantle what you cared for
Can’t say no, no free will
If that way you wanna go, then blood will spill
She was set on fire, burnt alive
Alarming number of similar stories
Crimes of passion by the mentally ill
Educate to respect, learn to cope with pain
Instead of pouring out, destroying lives in vain
Track Name: Scum Proclivity
Enough cat call
Are those really just words?
A compliment I should reward?
It has the opposite effect
It triggers disrespect
A verbal abuse
Aroused by distress
Loathsome attempt
To end it, nothing is done
By reacting
it turns against you
and may even
start following you
Rot in your miserable behavior